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Randa AlamiRanda Alami

TRX Total Body 30 Min

5.0|45 min|5 comments
A challenging, full body workout using a TRX strap! We work thru 6 exercises, 40 sec ON 20 sec OFF for 4 rounds. Get ready for a total body challenge! 💦


Paige 25d ago
Please do more of these😍 I LOVE your workouts!!
Kate 6mo ago
Loved second time! Please post more TRX! Great instruction for novice! 💪
Mk 7mo ago
I've missed doing TRX. This class was great! Loved the pointers on strap position and form!
Kate 8mo ago
Second time! Love it… Randa is such a great coach talking us through the moves! 🔥💪
Kate 8mo ago
Loved it!!!! Missed TRX so much! Who knew? I could have asked and had a TRX a long time ago! The stretch on the strap was new to me and so relaxing 😎 Thank you Randa🔥❤️💪💚