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Unleash Your Inner Chiseled Warrior: The Ultimate Dumbbell Program 💪🔥 Welcome to the world of Chisel, where lean muscle, relentless endurance, and sculpted strength converge. With nothing more than dumbbells, a mat, and a jump rope, you'll embark on a journey that transforms your body anywhere – at home, in your home gym, or even in your garage. 🏋️‍♂️ Build an Engine: Chisel is not just about appearances; it's about cultivating an engine of unparalleled endurance. Your body will become a powerhouse, ready to conquer any challenge life throws your way. 💪 Lean Muscle and Sculpting: Witness your physique transform as you sculpt lean muscle and chisel your body to perfection. We're not just building strength; we're creating a work of art. 🔥 Unleash Your Potential: Chisel isn't just a program; it's a declaration of your unwavering commitment to excellence. Get ready to push boundaries, redefine your limits, and unlock your full potential. 🏆 The Results: Imagine the feeling of being lean, powerful, and ready for anything. With Chisel, you'll not only see results but feel them in every aspect of your life. Your journey to a new, unstoppable you starts now. Join us on this epic fitness odyssey, where every workout propels you closer to greatness. Whether you're at home, in your garage, or anywhere you choose, Chisel will be your partner in the pursuit of excellence. Are you ready to sculpt your masterpiece? 💥 Tag Us! #lainelivelaughlove #ranchfit #ChiseledWarrior #UnleashYourStrength

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Bodyweight, HIIT, Cardio, Full Body
12 weeks, 6 days/week, 45-60 min
All Levels
Dumbbells, Mat, Bench or box, jump rope
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Diana 4mo ago
These workouts are so 👌 balanced. I'm just getting back into working out with weights again. Exactly what I was looking for in a routine
Diana 4mo ago
That was great 👍 Step Back step lunge is my love/hate. Working on balance ⚖️
Diana 5mo ago
I spent the last few months walking and swimming, but today I jumped back into Chisel. It is the PERFECT energizing lifting and toning I desperately need ❤️
Kara 5mo ago
Great abs!! How do I listen to you talk? I have my volume and clicked the microphone so it’s not on mute but can’t hear you.
Diana 6mo ago
I can't give these workouts enough praise 🙌 It is a well rounded workout each day. Each day has varying degrees of difficulty. The First day was hardest for me! 😆 I love how Laine and Bryan move focus to a different muscle group each day. Allowing me days of rest and recovery for those sore muscles! 🥳 Loving It!!
Diana 7mo ago
I am a casual athlete. Runner, Yoga beginner, Swim beginner, Beach body 21 day fit, Barre. This is the missing fitness for me. I will be 43 in 1 month and my glutes keep fading on me. This program is challenging and exactly what I need. I haven't felt deserving of a protein shake in too long! Cheers 📣 Looking forward to refueling