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Week 2: Day 1


Kimber 1y ago
It’s a killer workout 🏋️
Ashley 1y ago
Great! Thanks
Rachel 1y ago
Great!! Pull ups killed my back but I feel accomplished
Caitlin 2y ago
It was great. I didn’t do the rogue bike fully because I didn’t take a break from week 1 day 5 (yesterday) and today’s week 2 day 1... it’s felt repetitive and I’m helping my younger sister tonight with cheerleading tryouts anyway... so it was more of my fault that I didn’t do the full 15 min biking. I also started week 1 after working out for 3 days in a row so that was a total of 7 days working out everyday before I had to take a break. I will do better with my work out timing now that I am working on this program solely.
Rhianna 2y ago
My favorite so far! I love upper body day

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