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Presley PritchardPresley Pritchard

Day 6: Leg Day

4.9|45 min|16 comments


Kayla 7mo ago
Good workout. Had the gym to myself
Rachel 1y ago
The goblet was a little weird with doing one rep. Other than that it was 🤌🏽!!
Shayna 1y ago
I had to cut the sets in half as I'm a beginner, but my legs are definitely at failure and I love it
Dayana 2y ago
Too good 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 couldn’t finish last workout
Azia 2y ago
It was a great workout and I definitely felt the work being put in. I did do 3 reps of 10 on the hunker squat for an extra umph with that specific workout.

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