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Mom, CPT, FNS, Coach, Pre&Post Natal

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I’m Petra! I’m a certified trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, corrective core specialist and fitness coach! I am a business owner and most importantly, a mother 🥰❤️ My passion for fitness began many years ago and has evolved since. In 2017, I became a National Bikini Champion in the sport of Bodybuilding during my first year competing. After 5 consecutive shows, including the Arnold Amateur (placing 5th in the World) I was involved in 2 motor vehicle accidents that affected my mental and physical well-being significantly. My whole life changed and I was no longer able to compete and train for hours a day without being in excruciating pain. I took that as a sign from the Universe to slow down and change directions, which is when I decided to start a family. Having my daughter changed EVERYTHING for me in regards to fitness. I realized that general fitness and prenatal/postpartum fitness are very different and need to be addressed as such. I developed an undeniable passion for corrective core and healing from the inside out. Along with short but incredibly effective workouts, usually 20 minutes or less, I focus on stacking workouts to give you the best burn for your buck! Working smarter, not harder. Each workout is programmed thoughtfully by me, to maximize your potential, without taking time away from the other tasks that us busy moms have. All workouts are designed to be done from the comfort of your home, however can also be done at the gym or wherever is most comfortable for you. Some workouts require equipment, while others are body weight! My goal is to get you a fire burn in about 20 minutes, sometimes less. I like to focus on certain muscle groups if you like body part splits, and I also love full body workouts if you can only accommodate 1-2 workouts per week. I have a deep desire to educate women and moms-to-be around the importance of healing their core from the inside out, yet get them feeling great - physically and mentally!


POWER by Petra will help you strengthen and tone your muscles, inspire you to become the strongest version of yourself and help you feel accomplished and energetic from the inside out!

Training Requirements

Most workouts are programmed to be done at home, however you can also take them to the gym! Some workouts are body weight and some require equipment. I like to switch up the variations, so often I will include dumbbells and booty bands for added resistance. All are pretty inexpensive and incredibly valuable in my opinion. Or, you can opt for some weighted goods at home without having to spend a cent! I truly have workouts for anyone and everyone 💪🏼❤️


National Bikini Champion NASM Certified Personal Trainer Fitness Nutrition Specialist Fitness & Lifestyle Coach Pre&Post Natal Corrective Core Specialist Jed North Women sponsored Athlete

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