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Day 2 Full Body DB-Frontal/Transverse plane +Unilateral

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Expect to work on one side of your body, move laterally, and twist a bit more on the even days of this program. Still getting all of our normal functional movement done just doing it on one side at a time as much as we can so you can bridge the gap between your imbalances while you get strong! For lower body movement use dumbbells you can’t do arm exercises with. You want to use resistance that WORKS with the working muscle groups at hand. You shouldn’t be breezing by these reps make sure there is some strain and stress felt :). Just like day 1 the reps will be in the hypertrophy and strength endurance range anywhere around 10-15! Explore your right and left sides in these even days! Don’t forget to turn sound on for all instruction and check off each time you get a round done!


Maureen 2y ago
Hard workout! But feel great afterwards

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