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Paul WrightPaul Wright
/1 month-Foundational

Day 1: Full Body DB-Sagittal plane

5.0|38 min|5 comments
Warm Up
Abs & Core
Full Body
Day 1 in this program will always switch from exercises focused on the front side of the body to the back. If you do an upper body push, the next move will be a lower body pull. That will be our flow on the odd days aka day 1 and 3! Expect to lift in the strength endurance rep range of 12-15 and and in the later weeks we’ll dial the reps back and add some weight! Prepare to spend a lot of time under tension as we get your body fully acclimated to build on top of your foundational strength!!!


Matt 1y ago
Everytime!! Paul got me right at Barrys. The program on playbook got me back during the pandemic. Now is no different. Gassed, as expected but just the right amount. I feel really good after my first workout since april 2022z lets get it
Albert 1y ago
1st one in the books
Melinda 1y ago
I haven’t worked out in a couple of years and this was a perfect workout to challenge me and to get me moving. Loved it!
Maureen 2y ago
Hard work but a good sweat!
Jud 2y ago
First workout off Tonal with you Coach Paul! It’s good to be back! #lastsetbestset

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