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W1/D2 Active rest day

4.9|45 min|26 comments
This day can be used as a rest day with some stretching or you can do this optional core workout Optional core workout:... more


Renee 24d ago
It was good. I am very surprised I was able to do planks for so long! My legs still ache, well the sore discomfort of success, so this was a nice active rest day. I have always been hesitant of rest days, worried I wasn’t doing enough. This really helped Patty.
cyber 3mo ago
It burned like hell 😭
Tima 4mo ago
The elbows to knees one was there twice so me thinking it was an accident, I didn't do it. And the plank was a killer, had to do it on my knees since I don't have enough strength to do it like it you, but that didn't stop it from hurting lol.
Emery 5mo ago
When doing the knee to elbow part my hips where making a cracking/popping noise. Didn’t hurt at all, but what does that mean? How do I make it stop
Heather 5mo ago
Those planks though😅

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