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W3/D1 Legs and abs

4.7|45 min|9 comments
Welcome to week 3. We are hitting legs 2x this week (legs might be a little sore). Manage your week accordingly. You can do legs today and then put 1-2 rest days after day 3 to give your legs 4-5 days to recover. Keep pushi... more


Eresh 7mo ago
Kyle 1y ago
Good progress
Lisa 1y ago
Answer your messages. It would be great if there was a place on this app for you to put the weight that you're listening for a specific exercise that way you wouldn't have to carry around a notebook do you remember how much weight you put for specific exercise it's at 1 so we can put the weight on
Alaine 2y ago
Bambi legs!
Barrett 2y ago
Needs more abs

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