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W2/D1 Shoulders, biceps and triceps

4.8|45 min|18 comments
Week 2. We switch up the order this week. We will repeat today's workout end of week. Pick up the intensity this week. Challenger yourself to go heavier on the weights.


Anke 5mo ago
Eresh 7mo ago
Kohi 8mo ago
Feelin super pumped in my triceps 💪🏾
Lisa 10mo ago
It was a good exercise I finally figured out that I was doing two of them wrong and now that I'm doing them right I feel like I'm starting over but you know one step at a time.
Lisa 1y ago
The best way you can improve is answer the messages when they're sent to you I'm sure you get thousands of them but if you can't answer them it's not really productive to have the option. I'm crushing it just wait till you see what devil training does for me or rather is doing to me!

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