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5) 21 day #HappyButHome training challenge

4.7|20 min|11 comments
3 rds for time 50 foot handstand walk or bear crawl 25 handstand push-ups or hand release pushups


Nikolai 1y ago
Couldn't do the hand stand walk... So I did the bear crawl
David 2y ago
Time was 6:30, it was a short but tough one. Need to work on push ups
John 2y ago
Was very challenging. I have not learned handstands yet so I did the bear crawl and substituted pike pushups for the handstand push-ups to help build up to hand stand pushups. Do you have any recommendations for learning handstand walk or handstand pushups?
Mauricio 2y ago
It’s for pro’s but I did my best! 😎
Jennie 2y ago
I don’t have handstand walks quiet yet but I figured today would be a good day to do the 50ft as an attempt.. got about 3 “steps” before falling each time but I’ll get there! Great workout 💪🏼

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