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• Monday Detox Smoothie

4.8|5 min|4 comments
We all love to indulge a bit on the weekends. I do and I take no shame in that. BUT, it is important to me to have my week start right and tight. This smoothie is my go-to Monday morning go to that helps me set the tone for t... more


Melissa 1y ago
More recipes please!!!
Sonja 2y ago
Hi, it’s interesting how it taste much better than what it looks like. 🌸 How often it’s optimal to take it for a active woman ( 5km run 5/7 days & 1-2 hours of exercise daily)? 🤸🏼
Viktória 2y ago
Cool! I will try it tomorrow😍even its will be wednesday🤣
Amy 2y ago
Thank you for your tips and guidance. I’ve struggled with food and balance so you saying have fun on weekends and a tight week is great advice. I find your app highly valuable. Good luck I know it will be successful. I’ve recommended it and will continue to do so. Thanks again Nina!

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