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Training at a high intensity using quick twitch muscle fibers are an incredibly effective way to help you burn fat (of course, paired with a well-balanced diet)! 💥 You will be training ANaerobically in order to ensure the p... more


Aldo 8mo ago
Hey Coach Nick! Super inspired today especially after getting your message overnight! 10 minutes on the inclined treadmill, then self care hip mobility.( i do this daily. Helps mucho being 59 3/4 years old) ! Then did this box jumps etc HIIT. I add some 30" jumps at the end. That's high for me at 5' 6"! I'm sure you can leap over houses with those giant legs of yours! Honestly, grateful to have ya guiding me! Onto today's hotel workout! Woohoo, sweating terribly already! No response necessary Coach Nick! Enjoy the holiday season!!☺
Aldo 8mo ago
Have done this HIIT many many times now per your suggestion! You're right stamina and intensity(Nick- like,yuk yuk...trying man.)increasing. Doing more box jumps, etc per 30 seconds intervals! Onto your new minimal equipment workout from your trip. Love doing any and all configurations you send! Thanks again Coach Nick!
Eduardo 9mo ago
Aldo 9mo ago
Hey Coach Nick! Happy Sunday! Anywho, did this HIIT for the 3rd time in seven days, plus new HIIT yesterday. Trying to incorporate 3 to 4 a week per your direction! Also, number one on my fitness goals is to increase intensity level! I call it Nick- like intensity. You're a beast! Haha, may never get there, but I'm amping it up!! Thank ya. FYI, I'd be lost without your cues and direction! Visual videos and written words...ya know
Aldo 9mo ago
Hey Coach Nick! Started with 8 minutes on inclined treadmill 15 and 2.5 up to 3.5 speed at end! Then the self care hips thingies! I kinda love them. Then this HIIT. Second time doing this, this week. I know you said try to do this several times a week. Today's takeaway. Step down from box jump. Usually i jump up and down. Need to preserve these older knees! No workout posted yesterday soooo i repeated day one of the new splits! On to today's workout! Love this stuff ❤! Thanks Coach!!

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