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Bodyweight HIIT

4.9|30 min|12 comments
Get your heart rate going and your full body burning with this burner! Complete 5 rounds of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest in a circuit style. ... more


Neil 1mo ago
Great cues! Good planned session!!
James 4mo ago
Shoulders! I did some boxing this morning beforehand… 🥊🥵🌋🏆
Jake 6mo ago
A genie tells a man, “I shall grant you three wishes.” The man says, “I wish for a world without lawyers.“ The genie says, “Done. You have no more wishes.“ The man protest, “Wait! You said three!“ The genie replies, “Oh yeah. Sue me.” This workout I completed. The first one, I accidentally swiped complete.
Michael 6mo ago
Need a quick midday ass kicker… GOT IT! Added some weighted squats thrusts to make it extra spicy.
Aldo 9mo ago
4:15am check in! 8 minutes on inclined treadmill, then hip opener self care starter, then this HIIT! Ugh. 5 rounds gets ya! Tried to do Nick-like intensity on lateral pogo hops, etc! I imagine you're in points unknown now! Stay safe Coach Nick! Happy Happy Thanksgiving eve!! On to another Nick workout...🙃

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