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Bodyweight Burn 💥

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High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most effective ways to keep your body in a fat burning state. As always, keep your diet clean (check out the nutrition guide in Insights) and supplement with strength training as... more


Josh 6mo ago
No suggestions for improvement. Got my workout in today!
Michael 6mo ago
Needed a quick workout today from home. Loved it. Added some weighted squats and mountain climbers to the workout. Got a great sweat going!
TJ 7mo ago
It was good…need an abbreviated version for us beginners
Aldo 9mo ago
Second time around on this new HIIT! Did a bit better. Went for more reps! Don't wanna compromise form tho! I'm watching you the whole 40 seconds trying to match your form. Mine can still be a bit ugly. Yuk yuk. Hurt my hand yesterday. Smacked it on the box accidentally doing box jumps. Pinky and ring fingers taped together. Ugh. Anywho on to last weeks high volume legs thingie! Coach, no response necessary each time. It's 4 am here. Just typing my thoughts before next workout! 😊
Aldo 9mo ago
Hey Coach! New HIIT! Love the bodywork stuff! FYI, i hit the start clock then scroll immediately down so i can watch your form, etc. And it's like you're right there with me! Reverse lunges to crunch! Ugh, you make everything look so smooth and perty! Mine were kinda ugly by round 4! Tests strength and old man balance tho!On to today's Nick workout! Thank 😊 ya!!

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