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W1 / D2 Full Body Home Circuit

5.0|25 min|3 comments
This is a full body workout circuit. It’s short but very effective. Go at your own pace but try to rest minimally in between each exercise. Rest 1-2 Minutes after each round. Complete 4 total rounds.


Helle 3y ago
I did the first session thank God I was at home - not a pretty picture - but I did all the reps thanks to my son he kept track while I was gasping for air
Jenni 3y ago
I’ve watched you do all these a thousand times before. Just sub’d for the list variation. I hope you don’t post this - will you do them in your under-Roos? 😏😭😘❤️🧸 jk, Fuzz. Ily
Thiv 3y ago

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