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Setting up Macros to reach your fitness goals!!

4.9|45 min|10 comments
- Before watching the video think exactly about what your goals are for this year. - Track your calories for about a week or two and see if the scales goes up, down, or stays the same. Adjust your calories according to your ... more


Garrett 1mo ago
Very helpful
Matt 5mo ago
Is there a rule of thumb for fat intake?
Alec 8mo ago
Very good. How do you count the macros throughout the day though?
Ryan 9mo ago
Great info! Always had a hard time finding a good way to track calories and stay consistent. I’m starting your summer shred program today and am excited to get after it!
Troy 10mo ago
Awesome info- just started the app tonight!! 1st workout tomorrow- seems very easy to use!

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