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YouTuber, Boxer, Personal trainer

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Motivation. Strength. Encouragement. Empowering others to achieve long-term goals and positive results, boxing has changed the life of world-class personal trainer Nate Bower, who is on a mission of inspiring others to reach their ultimate fitness goals. Increasing strength, speed, agility and cardiovascular health, boxing is a supercharged way of boosting overall health. While other sports are great, boxing benefits your body and brain, uncovering different combinations, creating an incredible sweat, and making us faster and more reactive. Boxing makes you part of a community bigger than yourself, and is great at releasing stress. Winning championships in multi-sport, track and boxing, Nate believes physical fitness encompasses other areas including full body resistance training. While other forms of training and exercise – from CrossFit to long-distance running – all carry their own feel and power, Nate’s passion lies in boxing. Multi-dimensional, boxing is about more than one person, it is about a supportive, family-oriented community. Boxing is about discipline. Boxing is about feeling the energy, the excitement, of the gym, taking it in and releasing it in a positive way. Boxing is about performing under stress and pushing yourself to limits you never knew you could achieve. Ready to get started? It’s your move. I’m in your corner.


Nate Bower Elevate App is the perfect tool to gain access to daily workouts, connect with me directly and select full training programs. You’ll have access to everything Nate Bower Elevated has to offer on you mobile device. Learn boxing, crush your fitness and weight loss goals with HIIT, full body workouts and feel empowered as you level up your fitness game. We’ll move together and change your fitness forever! It’s your move, I’m in your corner Let’s go Champ!

Training Requirements

Heavy bag workouts require a heavy bag and boxing gloves. You’ll need weights for resistance training days. The rest we can take care of with body weight and your amazing energy!


Certified personal trainer. Boxing coach Level 3 emergency first aid Competitive athlete

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