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Upper Body Mobility Routine

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Upper Body
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Perform this dynamic warm up after your foam rolling (if you’re foam rolling today) and before your workout! This mobility routine is designed specifically for an upper body day but can be performed on a day off to work on posture! Spend 30 seconds on each movement or longer on specific movements if your body is calling for it! You can also add on the lower body routine if you’re foam rolling on a day off or have extra time. Enjoy! Upper 4 minutes Cat-Cow T-spine rotation + reach (L/R) Pretzel Stretch (L/R) Wonder Womans + Hands Behind Back Scorpians (L/R) *When you see a second set you are accounting for your other side*


Patience 4mo ago
Intense for a warm up, loved it. Now onto the next set💪🏾
Jennifer 1y ago
My back is always so tight! These stretches really really helped! 🙌🏼
Courtney 1y ago
Great way to stretch and get ready for a workout!
Dwayne 1y ago
I’ve made a lot of these apart of my morning routine. Has really helped with my range of motion and any tightness that I feel when I wake up.
Laina 2y ago
Natalie is the BEST! Her support and guidance is world class! Thank you for helping me on my transformation journey inside and out! ❤️

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