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Wake Up and WIGGLE: A Morning Class πŸ’«

4.9|50Β min|19 comments
These are some of my FAVORITE movements to roll out of bed and start my day with. Some of these exercises inspire other creative outlets when I plan classes or are simply moving in all directions on my mat. When I’m not teach...Β more


Roxanne β€’ 3mo ago
absolutely loved this thoroughly guided practice. Includes all the strength training for joint protection, offers modifications and invites us to try advanced variations with encouragement. A wonderful set of training to bring into your everyday xx I could almost complete Morgan’s class with my eyes closed - cues and verbal guidance is exceptional!! Also - More yoga classes with sporadic visits from fur babies πŸ₯°
Kat β€’ 4mo ago
Love this movement first thing in the morning. Especially when I’m sore or just too tired.
Lydia β€’ 7mo ago
OooOoo yummy yummy stretchy fun and feeling good!!
Bonnie β€’ 8mo ago
first time doing yoga in awhile. forgot how good it makes me feel, it’s like i relearned how to breathe throughout this routine!
Meagan β€’ 1y ago
Really enjoyed this class! Was a balance of challenge and ease if that makes sense haha. Just what I needed. Thank you Morgan πŸ™

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