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W1/D3 Strength + Balance Vinyasa ☯️

4.9|30 min|30 comments
A level I/II Flow that is a sweet mixture of strength building and fun balancing challenges. Cool down with a yummy hip openers and some twists.


Courtney 20d ago
I love how supple and relaxed I feel now. Thank you!
Megan 4mo ago
Getting back into yoga and gym finally. Thanks MT 🙏🏽
Eliza 6mo ago
Love the variety of poses in that one but phew it kicked my butt! What videos would you recommend for beginners? I just finished your beginner sequence and want to up the intensity a bit but I think this was too advanced for me 😅
Alyssa 8mo ago
It’s been a while since I’ve done any consistent yoga so this was challenging but really nice. Can’t wait to come back to this after I’ve gained some more strength and endurance!
Hannah 9mo ago
That sesh was way more advanced than I thought! I’m happy I stuck this one out! I feel great 😌

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