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Good Morning Flow 5.0 🌱

4.9|25Β min|17 comments
A short, all levels Good Morning series to elevate your heart rate and mindset upon waking up. If you e joyed these, check out my Rise + Shine Series.


Susan β€’ 18d ago
Sore from a run, and man did my legs feel the sizzle! Feeling so much better now.
Yasmin β€’ 2mo ago
Exactly what I needed today. Feeling pregnancy fatigue and this practice helped energize my body and eliminate some anxiety that was stored in my body. Thank you for your support πŸ’—
Roxanne β€’ 3mo ago
It’s always a good morning when you’re moving on the mat and Morgan is guiding you through a juicy flow πŸ₯Ήβ˜ΊοΈ hello hips, hello side body, hello legs!! πŸ’›
Cristiana β€’ 3mo ago
Very nice 😊
Katie β€’ 10mo ago
SO good!

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