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W4/D1 Back & Shoulders

4.9|45 min|19 comments
Week 4! Whew - stay focused, drink extra h20, and bop to your fav music. Discipline gets results, not motivation 💪🏼


Jessica • 3mo ago
I definitely liked doing the worm pushups first. Substituted weighted planks for plank til failure and sprints for running in place. 👍
Rianne • 6mo ago
Those Wide wpsh ups killed me from start, but it was achievable :) Thank you Bless!
Susan • 7mo ago
Enjoyed this one! Ab burner tough as always and sprints were a bit more enjoyable this time 😅
P • 1y ago
More intense
Maddie • 1y ago
Whoops just wanted to take a screen shot of completing this and backed out so it says I redid it. 🤦🏼‍♂️ but seriously this was a good workout. I should put more effort into responding bc I really can do so much more. When I first started I couldn't do any Worm push-ups and now I can. Small victories baby.🤙

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