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W1/D2 Shoulders & Triceps

4.9|75 min|52 comments
We got incline chest aka shoulders, confident posture and toned arms. Incline bench press - do four working sets with the last set being a drop set. ... more


Shellane 1mo ago
Hurray for hollow rocks
Lori 1mo ago
It was a great workout! Loved the Punching bag!!!
Jackie 1mo ago
Went great! Hard to superset the way my gym is laid out and doesn’t have punching bags but I ended up using a 3lb dumbbell and punched the air lol. Sweating like a pig!
Katha 1mo ago
I couldn’t do the last exercise bc we don’t have a box sack in our gym and specific breathing advise with the weights would have been great - besides that awesome workout, really enjoyed it :D
Julie 2mo ago
Really good workout. I don’t have a bag but used 1 lbs dumbbells instead. Feeling it!!!

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