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Muscle Growth 101

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Gertz 18d ago
Hey Mo! Any tips on how to connect to my core better? I think my core is pretty weak, and I don’t get that sore doing to ab sets even though I’m tending and trying to connect. Lower abs are weakest. Thank you; I’m loving this community.
Chrissy 2mo ago
Saving this for a reminder!!!
Erin 4mo ago
Very interesting. Great info, I’m curious how you feel about Keto. All bodies are different, and for some reason my body really takes to this diet/lifestyle. Also since I went off Keto, my body is almost allergic to carbs. I do a lot of good fats, avocado, fatty fish, lean red meats, etc. but I’m wonder if this may hender my cutting/ bulking process?
Cas 5mo ago
Great advice!
Laurie 8mo ago
Good advice

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