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Week Four Day Five Plyo / Speed Day

5.0|30 min
Adding interval work will boost GH and accelerate fat loss to a high level! Pick your poison and get after it! Option 1: 8-12 Graded Hill Sprints - Find a hill with 8-20% grade. Warm Up by do a walk up/down and jog up/ down along with inchworms and lunges. - Sprint up and walk/jog down for 8-12 reps and cool down with a 5 Minutes walk/jog. Option 2: Bike Sprints 10 Sets of :20 work, :40 Rest with 2-3 Minute Warm up, 5 Minute Cool Down. Option 3: 300 Meter Shuttle Runs - Walk out 300m on a field, court, etc. - Warm Up Properly and go for 4-6 sets with 2-3 Minutes Rest. Option 4: Plyometric Work - 3 Cone Lateral High Knee Runs(6-8 Sets of :20 Work, :40 Rest) - Linear Speed Ladder Double Tap with Back pedal & Sprint Out x 4 Reps with 2:00 Rest, Repeat One more time. - 3 Cone Crazy Drill

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