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/21-Day Shred

W1/D1 Ballet Booty

4.8|30 min|5 comments
Welcome to Week 1/Day 1 (wk1/d1) This is EXACTLY what I do with my Celebrity clients to get them camera-ready. ... more


Nikita 4y ago
Awesome! Can’t wait to complete the challenge!
Michelle 5y ago
I loooove it
Linda 5y ago
Wow! Didn't think it would make me sweat so much! Didn't use sliders (don't have any at home). Made 4 REPs. Loooove it! Now skipping robe! Sorry for my bad spelling. I'm from Germany but grew up in Spain. Thank you sooo much!!!
Gavin 5y ago
So Good!!!!!! It’s all about that booty! Michelle knows fitness inside and out. LOVE HER!
Lauri 5y ago
Awesome workout and super creative moves - as always! You are so innovative and fun and I always get lots of great ideas to integrate into my workouts and to use with my own clients. I’m constantly inspired by you! Keep up the great work!

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