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/Push-Up Program

W5/D5 Upper Body, Core & Cardio

5.0|45 min|6 comments
FRIDAY: Today is the final day of the challenge. Today you will attempt 50 push-ups, regardless of how long it takes, wherever you are in the world, 50 push-ups within 24 hours is the goal! ... more


Jordyn 1mo ago
I cannot believe I achieved 50 push-ups in 2 hours!! This program helped me out so much, not only physically but mentally! In the beginning I could barely even do 5 regular pushups, and I just did 50!! Congrats to everyone who finished!! We did it 👏🏻👏🏻❤️
Xiomara 1mo ago
I forgot to mark this workout complete last week but so happy to have wrapped it up 😍💪 I feel so much stronger than 5 weeks ago!
Alejandro 2mo ago
I really loved this final workout! It made me feel so strong and full of energy. For many years I've workout but never by following a program and to be honest the way Michelle made these sessions is amazing. Thanks a lot Michelle!
Mia 2mo ago
Awesome 5 weeks. So proud of how far I’ve come. excited to keep working, getting stronger, and improving myself ❤️
Silence 2mo ago
WHAT A JOURNEY!!! I did it, 5 sets of 10 push-ups with 10 seconds of rest in between! It wasn’t easy after the workout to do those 50, but I’ve never felt so amazing! My new goal is 100 in a day! And this was an incredible milestone! Thanks Michelle!

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