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W5/D1 Bodyweight Strength

5.0|45 min|5 comments
Air Squat Incline Push-Up Walking Lunges... more


Jaime 25d ago
I’ve been hitting a mental block these past few days so today was a challenge, but glad I still got this workout in!
Xiomara 1mo ago
1st workout of the last week 💪 my mountain climbers comtinue to be the hardest in this workout but definitely getting better in form. Let's go!!
Hamed 1mo ago
Nice workout
Sienna 1mo ago
I was a little tired from jiu jitsu this morning but it still felt like a really good workout!
Sarah 1mo ago
I took a few rests in between but overall… I felt pretty strong! 💪🏽 excited for the last week of this program! Let’s go!! 🔥🔥

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