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W4/D4 Running

4.9|45 min|8 comments
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Jaime 1mo ago
There’s no better feeling than running 3 miles and having it feel like a breeze, especially knowing that just a few weeks ago I would have been dying. So happy to see how I’ve grown during this training process!
Clara 1mo ago
I ran 3 miles with no breaks and my breathing was awesome. I also didnt know that I could do long distance and long stride sprints with my breathing being completely fine since I have asthma. My running has definitely improved in a good way. In thinknits all because I am running slower but for longer distances which helps my body to improve faster.
Sienna 1mo ago
As usual I wanted to quit running at 1 mile, but every week it’s getting just a little bit easier to go the full distance which I think is so amazing that we can train our minds like that!
Ruth 1mo ago
Good! Finding it hard to do the full half mile walks on each end of the run. I just want to be done when I stop running.
Hamed 1mo ago
Yet another great run!

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