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W4/D2 Running

5.0|45 min|7 comments
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Jaime 1mo ago
It was great to have a low-key run today! Having these little breathers really helps me reorient and stay focused!
Hamed 1mo ago
It was an easy run 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🙂
Ruth 1mo ago
Good! I pushed myself hard and brought my mile time down by a minute and a half. Not easy but nice and short.
Sarah 1mo ago
Loved this run, the weather was a bit cold but I still sweated a little. Perfect way to start the day :)
Klaira 1mo ago
This run went way better than week 1 run! Forsure thought i’d be running 3.5 miles today so it was nice to find out it was only 1.5!

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