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Michelle KhareMichelle Khare
/Run A 10K

W4/D1 Bodyweight Strength

5.0|45 min|10 comments
Reverse Push-Up Side Laying Tricep Extension Single Leg Bridge... more


Komal 1mo ago
Okay, this one felt so good after a break. Great to pick it back up. Ohh those push ups 🔥🔥 Another great one, thanks Michelle ❤️
Jaime 1mo ago
Those side laying tricep extensions were a CHALLENGE, but it felt good to get lots of upper body work in today!
Risa 1mo ago
This was great! 💪🏽
Sienna 1mo ago
This workout felt really good! I added a bit of punching bag work into it as well because I finally had access to a punching bag after awhile which made the workout even more fun (and tiring)! 😂
Ashley 1mo ago
I had a good workout! Those supermans are always tough for me but I’m glad I got them done. I was getting a little behind and discouraged the last few days but I’m excited to get back into this and finish strong💗

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