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W3/D2 Running

5.0|45 min|13 comments
Running Warm-Up: Hurdler Stretch Butterfly Stretch... more


Vince 1mo ago
Feels good to be running again, especially when the weather gets colder! I can finally show off the Reeboks haha. The amount of people sticking through this program is amazing! Keep up the drive, and have fun with it! Also, get crew socks. They will safe your feet.
Jule 1mo ago
wow i did it ♡ legs felt so heavy starting this run, but i during the run i became much stronger and felt my best physically in this whole challenge. mentally it was tough tho.. but im inspired by this community and Michelle every day :) rainy hugs from Berlin!
Chloe 1mo ago
It's crazy how painful running is in the moment, but the after-feeling completely outweighs the pain. I feel so amazing right now. 😂💪 And the stretch always make me feel complete after the workout, too. Such a great running day! ✨️
MC 1mo ago
My husband got up early and joined me today! It was the motivation I needed. Also, congrats Michelle :):):)
Jaime 1mo ago
Today was really challenging for me and I’m not quite sure why. Doing my best to give myself grace and know that this process with have it’s ups and downs—and that my best will look different on different days!

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