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W3/D2 Beginner Bootcamp - Core / Abs

4.8|25 min|7 comments


Jordyn 8mo ago
The crossed mountain climbers were so challenging compared to the regular mountain climbers. I enjoyed the 1st circuit so much! 👏🏻🔥
Olivia 10mo ago
Good workout, but my abs do not feel sore.
Christina 10mo ago
ran out of time, wasnt a 25 min cycle
Isabella 1y ago
Yikes. This was a hard one! Any tips on the best exercises for lower back? I realized I'm severely lacking in that area. Good stuff today otherwise!!
Natalie 1y ago
I can’t do the mountain climbers because I have double-jointed hips, and this workout has it twice. Are there modifications for that exercise?

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