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W3/D1 Beginner Bootcamp - Upper Body

4.8|25 min|9 comments
WEEK 3 LET’S GO!!! This workout will take you through a variety of body weight exercises to awaken the upper body and core! This week we are kicking it up a notch again!


Adrienne 8mo ago
Time estimate feels off. The wrist exercises were too much for me so I subbed in some dumbbell exercises. Time- 40:25 (skipping some of the rests) Max HR- 140 bpm Avg HR- 113 bpm
Jordyn 8mo ago
The modified burpees got me in the beginning, but once round 4 hit I had so much energy! 🔥💪🏻
Catherine 9mo ago
Downward dog felt more relaxing than work this time! Could definitely feel the strength in my shoulders building up.
Isabella 1y ago
Michelle, this might have been the hardest I've pushed myself. I'm super thankful for this program for helping me find that I'm capable of getting stronger. Thank you!!
Ainslee 1y ago
I definitely felt the increase in intensity with this work out. I’m excited! Feel I’m getting stronger each time 🏋️‍♀️ Also, thank you for the feedback on the standing quad stretch instead of kneeling! It has helped a bunch

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