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W2/D5 Beginner Bootcamp - Cardio Blast

5.0|20 min|9 comments
This is a 20 minute sweat that covers cardio, core, and abs!


Adrienne • 8mo ago
Loved that this one had a warm up and cool down built in! Time- 31:48 (skipped several of the breaks) Max HR- 167 BPM Avg HR- 119 BPM
Jordyn • 8mo ago
Wow! That was so challenging after leg day! 😅🔥
Leeza • 9mo ago
Kicked my ass but in proud
Isabella • 1y ago
So good, Michelle. The Raised Arm Planks are already showing progress. It's so encouraging to see!!
Grayson • 1y ago
Cardio days are always the hardest for but I’m taking less breaks now which I hope is progress!

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