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W2/D1 Beginner Bootcamp - Upper Body

4.9|25 min|14 comments
WEEK 2! This workout will take you through a variety of body weight exercises to awaken the upper body and core! We are building upon week 1!


Carrie 4d ago
Amazing workout every time!!!
Himara 2mo ago
Janina 2mo ago
Feeling so good after each workout. Thank you so much, Michelle. ♥️ I had a bit of a post-natal depression but your YouTube videos helped me to get motivated again. My goal is to be strong again - physically and mentally and I feel like this might be a good start. 🙏🏻
Adrienne 8mo ago
The wrist exercises are pretty intense, but otherwise a pretty accessible workout. Suggestions for others- modify push-ups to wall push-ups and do squats/pulses instead of the burpees. Time- 35:35 Max HR- 140 BPM Avg HR- 103 BPM
Jordyn 9mo ago
With a 2 day break, I’m back to it! 👏🏻🔥

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