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W1/D5 Upper Body, Core & Cardio

5.0|45 min|7 comments
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Vince 3mo ago
When you crab walk to the store to pick up your eggs, you're either part of the MKFit Crew, or protesting the market to bring the price for a dozen eggs back to a reasonable price. Those core workouts are still a killer in the end, but I'm able to do more and more as I keep pumping out these workout days.
Xiomara 3mo ago
Omg it was my first time doing the Crab walk 😂 it was so funny and it made my workout. I'm so happy to be doing this eventhough I'm a little late than everyone else. Week 1 done!! 💪
Klaira 3mo ago
week one completed! Didn’t realize how much I worked my arms until i got to the carb walk 😅 Great way to end week 1 can’t wait till week 2
Alejandro 3mo ago
I'm feeling so strong after week 1. My mind and body are ready for week 2🙌
Mia 3mo ago
Arms = 🍜

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