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W1/D2 Running

4.8|45 min|41 comments
Running Warm-Up: Hurdler Stretch Butterfly Stretch... more


Ep 25d ago
Running that far for the very first time was a bit intimidating without tips
Alex 1mo ago
Love that it reminds me to do a walking warm up and cool down. Great run to start the day!
Kim 2mo ago
Getting started with the challenge late… but this was great! I couldn’t run the whole mile, so I split it up into intervals of waking and running :)
Kendra 2mo ago
Didn’t think I could run that far yet
Tharan 2mo ago
It was really great! There is something so gratifying about the goals! I am so glad that I can finally achieve them. Its always felt like they were either too intense or something that I couldn’t do, due to my size. This was fun and manageable which is super encouraging!

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