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/Push-Up Program

W1/D2 Lower Body, Core & Cardio

4.9|45 min|12 comments
TUESDAY: Lower Body Warm Up ... more


Hamed 2mo ago
Super intense! I was exhausted at 4 round 2 😮‍💨
Jule 2mo ago
sooooo tough, this one nearly killed me. very challenging! thank you!
Xiomara 3mo ago
Wow! This was so hard but exciting! My challenge begun on circuit 3 and 4 but I made it all the way til the end. My body will definitely be sore tomorrow 😆
Vince 3mo ago
Holy cow! Now THAT'S a workout to kick off the year! Incredible. I love how this workout gives our arms a break, but give us a routine to keep us moving!
Chloe 3mo ago
Oh my, they don't call them "fire hydrants" for nothing- cus wow, my legs were burning during that round. 🥲✨️ And woahhh!! That cardio section was intense!! I'm sweating so much over here, haha! But I always love the feeling after a workout, it's so rewarding. 💪💕

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