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W2/D5 Back Blaster

4.9|45 min|4 comments
- Dumbbell row 3 x 12-15 - Dumbbell shoulder circuit 3 x 12-15 - Inverted row 3 x 12-15... more


Chris 6mo ago
Solid 💯
Dylan 2y ago
Absolutely killed that one, loved them all.. easy to copy proper form
jb7182000 2y ago
Loved it! Great workout that pushes you!!
Amy 2y ago
awesome, but I have a question it's about modeling, is it hard? or is it hard to keep on track so you don't bulk, gain weight or something like that? I wanna try it, I wanna have body face and everything for it but till my birthday (in cca 6-7 months) but I don't know if I'm gonna make it even when I will work as hard as I can+ after this month I won't be able to use your app and your advices cuz I wouldn't have enought money for that for some month cuz I'm just 14 and I don't know how will I work out for that time and still don't know what I'm gonna do in that month when I won't have your app. What's your opinion to it please?

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