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W2/D2 Happy hamstrings

5.0|20 min|3 comments
- Bulgarian lunges 3 x 15 each leg - Calf raises 4 x 25 - Step ups 3 x 25... more


Mark 2y ago
Good. There was no medicine ball so I just did deadlifts as a substitute
Kayla 3y ago
Already know I’m going to feel my hammies tomorrow!
Amy 3y ago
awesome and painfull, can't wait for the time when I will start seeing results and have my dreamy body🥰 thank you so much for this opurtunity you gave me, without your motivation and app a wouldn't even start working out cuz it would end like every other times when I started so thank you, you are the reason why I am working on myself everyday and why I will, Thank you!

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