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W2/D1 Full body

4.9|45 min|5 comments
Warm up run 10 minutes Warm up circuit : 2x ... more


Karina 1y ago
In just one week I can tell the difference in my strength!! Wow! Does that mean I increase weights? Or maintain that. (Remember I’m the one who wants to tone and be lean) sorry I always have questions 🥴
Patrick 1y ago
Thank you Matthew. Going on my second week!
Karina 2y ago
Wow! 🙌🏽 In just one week I can feel myself stronger doing this workout. It was still tough but I can tell the difference. Hoping to see results on my body too.
Kade 2y ago
Incredible workout once again!
Kate 2y ago
Week two!!!! Feelin good ready to push on!

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