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W1/D2 Shoulders, chest , back

4.9|45 min|23 comments
100 calorie assault bike warm up Shoulder warm up:... more


Kevin 2mo ago
Another wicked pump, left the gym with some serious soreness haha it feels great!!
Volcy 6mo ago
It was great. I’m trying to get my weight up from 129 to 165-170 in muscle. Is your program going to help me achieve that?
L.J. 6mo ago
Dead 🥲
Khadija 7mo ago
Karina 1y ago
Oh I felt that! I do have a question. I am doing 5 pounds on each hand, 10 on each or 15 on each. I go by the most I can handle. I am watching my Food intake as well. Trying to eat lean and healthy. I am afraid to bulk up. I know that’s most girls’ concerns. Ultimately with what I’m eating and lifting I shouldn’t bulk right?? Because I am trying to lose overall stubborn fat, lose weight but tone up. Please help 🙏🏼

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