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W2/D3 Day 10 : Core drills

4.9|30 min|6 comments
In this class we focus on connecting to the deep abdominal muscles the transverse abdominal our uddiyana bandha and strengthening core drills.


Lulu 12h ago
This was a hard one for me, but I absolutely felt the burn and I loved it. Thank you so much for sharing with us and taking us on this amazing journey
Kati 16d ago
This was really hard work for my abdominal muscles 💪
Marcela 19d ago
This class has been my absolute favourite! Any person in postpartum should do this class… these movements are the ones recommended by a Pelvic Floor specialist to recover! Freaking loving it! ❤️
Maria 19d ago
I loved it. My body feels completely relaxed! Ready for bed!! Excited cause I fought up with my practices! Until tomorrow ✌🏼
Rocío 19d ago
Thanks for all the effort you put into these practices. You are inspiring.

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