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W1/D7 Day 7 : sitting practice

5.0|30 min|6 comments
In this class we will give our bodies some rest and do learn one of my favorite pranayamas and meditations. Sama vittri pranayama is a simple but very effective pranayama helps calm the fluctuations of the mind, reduce ment... more


Lulu 11d ago
I absolutely loved this practice, I've been struggling a lot lately and this was a total game changer!!!
Maria 24d ago
Everything I needed today
Karley 25d ago
It was an amazing practice to finish my day with yesterday ❤️❤️🙏. I teach this and love it!!! Thanks so much sunshine ☀️
Marcela 1mo ago
Perfect class for a 7 day strike, my body needed it ❤️
Kati 1mo ago
This meditation was wonderful, thank you ❤️

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