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Marcus MartinezMarcus Martinez

Full Body Kettlebell Workout

4.7|30 min|8 comments
This workout will get you sweating fast! Give it a go and let's burn some fat shall we?


Daniel 2mo ago
God damn…that was tough. Thanks!
Kirsten 3mo ago
Thank you! That was not impossible. 😂
Elaina 10mo ago
Great workout!
Genevieve 4y ago
It was a good quick workout was good but better if the timer worked with the routine. Beep every 20 sec
Charlie 4y ago
First time back at it after having a baby. It’s been a year. I used to be a D1 soccer player then Cat 3 bike racer. Fitness is gone. Strength and movement is gone. This is a good start to get back on track.

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