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Magnus LygdbackMagnus Lygdback

W4/D5 Chest + back + core

4.9|45Β min|38 comments
* Warmup 5 min assault bike *Workout Superset - Close grip pulldown 3 x 20 - Lateral raise 3 x 15 Superset - Dumbbell row with oblique twist 3 x 16 (8 each side) - Push ups on bench 3 x 12 Superset - Straight arm pulldowns 3 x 12 - Dumbbell straight shoulder raises 3 x 10 - Dragon kicks 3 x 15


MegaGirl611 β€’ 6mo ago
It would be awesome if you can see the repetions and pounds you put on the week before, so in that way you can see if you need to increase the pounds and you will see the progress too.
Rebecca β€’ 7mo ago
Feeling good, love these workouts
Willard β€’ 1y ago
Feeling great 😊 πŸ”₯😁!!!
Rebecca β€’ 2y ago
That was a good work out
Charlotte β€’ 2y ago
Late night home workout, felt great!

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