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W4/D1 HIIT, Core and lower body

4.9|45 min|38 comments
Okay, week 4. Here we go. You know the drill by now. Give it everything you have.


Huyen 4mo ago
Easy day
Luís 4mo ago
Was supposed to be easier… but I guess it isn’t a good idea to do full body one day before this…
Luís 1y ago
Unbelievable how much I improved after these first three weeks!! Can’t wait to be in shape again!
Willard 2y ago
I feel awesome 🤩!!!
Luís 2y ago
For the first time ever, it wasn’t that hard. Can’t believe I did hollow holds not dying at the end!! Jackknifes were much better too. But Bulgarian split squats seem hard still. Damn hard.

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