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W3/D2 HIIT, Core and upper body

4.9|45 min|44 comments
Chair, table and 2x gallon of water


Huyen 5mo ago
I skipped 3 days. Definitely very rough but felt really good afterward. I would suggest to go back a few days if you skipped before going into this exercise. The hardest part is superset 1.
Luís 5mo ago
I don’t know how I did it… but I did it.
Luís 9mo ago
Good to be able to finish it into such a better note than ever. Secret: good sleep + diet and avoid skipping days.
Luís 1y ago
So rough… so damn rough.
Willard 1y ago
Rough workout, but got it done 💪🔥😊🏋️!!!!

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